The StartUP Stable was formed to assist businesses in identifying “pain points” – weaknesses, issues within structure, faulty systems, communication problems, staff conflict, the list goes on! Lemonade stand or multinational corporation – no business is exempt from these potential problems. Whether they are systems or staff related, these cracks in the foundation often go unnoticed or unattended, leading to bigger picture problems down the track.

Our job is to provide the prevention AND the cure. With proven systems in place, The StartUP Stable will design a customised strategy for you – one that is simple, practical AND achievable – to eliminate these pain points, giving you and your business the best chance of success.


Small Group & Team Workshops

YB12 Corporate Coaching

Life Coaching

Business Mentoring

Onsite Staff & Management Training

Business Consultation

Business Planning Guidance

Small Business Advice

Administrative & Secretarial Services


A stable probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about business, but we believe there are a lot of parallels between running a business and running a race. See, to train a racehorse, you require a certain amount of time, discipline, coaching and drills. It’s highly structured, constantly monitored and at times very tedious… most of the work happens in private, the public having no idea what is involved. But when the horse gets out on the track and performs beautifully, that is when all the hard work pays off.

We want you to view your business as a potential Melbourne Cup winner. The level of commitment is high, but your reward will be even greater. You will achieve things most business owners and entrepreneurs only dream of.



There is no questioning that The StartUP Stable’s Founder and Owner, Caroline Barton, is the right person to help individuals and businesses reach their goals. Her proven track-record includes 25 years within the property development and real estate industries, as well as experience with managed investment schemes.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Finance & Accounting, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Senior Years) specialising in Business Management and Accounting and is a Chartered Secretary, FCIS. She is also a YB12 Corporate Coach and is currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Caroline’s ultimate goal is to unite every layer of the workplace, from receptionist to CEO. Having experienced a diverse range of roles across a variety industries, she has seen first hand the unique part that every role plays in a successful business; one cannot reach its full potential without the other. She believes that if a mutual respect can be found between the different levels of staff and management, businesses would greatly reduce conflict while increasing productivity and staff retention. Most importantly, everyone involved would have the best chance of finding happiness and success in whichever role they choose to pursue.

…But here’s what really sets Caroline apart from the long list of business trainers, life coaches and internet marketers offering guaranteed “get rich quick” results:

  • She began The StartUP Stable not to get rich, but to help shape a new generation of entrepreneurs. Her dream is to see their businesses become as brilliant as their ideas, standing the test of time due to solid foundations and reliable systems
  • She is a strong believer in practicing what she preaches; in other words, she won’t ask you to do anything that she hasn’t already tried herself
  • She takes her practical experience and formal training, combining it with out-of-the-box thinking and a genuine desire to see her clients succeed