The StartUP Stable offers business consultation for individuals that don’t necessarily require intensive training, but perhaps would benefit from talking with someone who has real life experience in their area of concern. Whether it’s company growth, contraction, mergers, budgeting decisions, support structure or HR, it is invaluable to find an independent and objective sounding board. Running you through benefits, disadvantages and consequences, The StartUP Stable can play ‘devil’s advocate’ and assist you in making logical, sound decisions.

One particular area we’d like to note is that of the relationship between employee and manager/executive. There are currently far too many workplaces dealing with a lack of productivity, unnecessary inefficiencies and varying staff satisfaction levels due to the rift between these two factions.  At The StartUP Stable, we’re big believers in the importance of these groups understanding each other’s values and differences. Without a strong support staff, the heads of the business would not be able to do what they do and the same thing works in reverse. If you believe this is an area of weakness in your own workplace, talk to us today and take the steps needed to create the synergy you require to achieve a positive and high performing workplace.


  • You’re an executive needing a sounding board for an upcoming decision
  • You need advice on planning for career progression
  • You don’t understand the value of the administration structure or how much to invest in it
  • You’re an entrepreneur trying to make decisions for the future of your business
  • You’re an administrative or support worker and feel undervalued in your workplace
  • You’re experiencing conflict in the workplace and need help in knowing how to handle it