Workplace training is a powerful, targeted approach to identifying pain points within a business or professional structure and finding ways to solve them. This is not about using bandaids for short-term fixes – we will get our hands dirty and make sure the problem is dealt with at the very core.

Workplace training is particularly effective when it comes to things like conflict resolution – particularly between management and employees.  However, The StartUP Stable also offers training for entrepreneurs and startups needing assistance with their business plan and getting their idea off the ground. Training can be one-on-one or in groups and is offered both at The StartUP Stable Headquarters in Southport or we can come to your home office or workplace.


  • Your business or workplace isn’t running as well as it should and you can’t figure out why
  • You’re finding that there are consistent gaps in knowledge in your workplace
  • You need help learning how to put together a business plan
  • You need help learning about creating an administration structure for your new business
  • You want to know how to set a business up from scratch
  • You need help developing action plans
  • You need help identifying the “mission critical” areas in your business and the areas you can live without. I.e. “If I don’t do this anymore, can I still operate?”
  • You need to understand the importance of financial statements and how to easily read them and use them in a proactive way
  • You need to clearly understand the regulatory requirements that come with owning a business and the processes required to meet these obligations
  • You want to know how to exit a business without losing money and credibility