Let’s be honest. To most people, secretarial and administrative tasks are dead boring. Lucky, The StartUP Stable isn’t most people. We are pleased to offer a Company Secretarial Service that will take care of all of your routine corporate compliance work. We’ll even do it with a smile!

Having someone else take care of these often frustrating and time consuming tasks mean you can free yourself (or your staff) up for more profitable work and ensure all annual compliance deadlines are met. Company secretarial duties are non-negotiable and should be done with plenty of care and expertise.

The StartUP Stable’s Company Secretarial Service covers all minutes, forms, consents and other documents that need to be executed when making changes that have an ASIC requirement – such as changing an address, appointing or resigning an officer, and transferring shares. Whenever a change occurs, just let us know and we’ll prepare the appropriate forms for you. Once they are signed by the client, we’ll be go ahead and lodge the forms electronically with ASIC.

The StartUP Stable can also assist you with your annual compliance in the form of maintaining the statutory registers, filing of annual returns and accounts and preparing and filing any company changes. For more information on how the service works or to request a quote, please get in touch via our CONTACT page. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days.